A Glimpse Into Our Days

Before sitting down to write this, I re-read my day in the life post from last year.

I feel like not much has changed. And I feel like everything has changed.

It’s so weird how life is sometimes. The days blend into weeks, the weeks into months, and the months into an entire year of homeschooling my two sons.

It’s been a year of heartache. It’s been a year of fun. It’s been a year of trial and error. And, as I sit down to write about our life today, I am filled with a growing sense that we are starting to figure this out.


This is an average day in our life. Yes, it includes how my sons learn. But more than that, it is an example of how I am trying to weave our days, even the tough ones, into a life that matters. Sometimes, it works. Most of the time, it is a series of messes, angry outbursts, sweaty boys, non-stop conversations around aquariums, and no one eating what I fixed for dinner.

This is our day.

A homeschool day in the life 2016

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