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Focusing On My Child’s Strengths

Too often, I spend a ton of time, energy and effort focused on what my children can’t do.

I am ashamed to admit it, but it’s true.

Will he ever really learn to read fluently?

Why is it so hard to memorize the times tables when he can complete complex math problems in his head?

When do I need to employ yet another tutor or educational therapist to help “fix” all the things my children cannot yet do?

Focusing on my child’s strengths, instead of his areas of weakness, requires intention and practice. But it’s worth it. 

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Being allowed to learn in a way that is most natural for my sons’ individual strengths, makes learning so much more effective and fun. Not being reminded of their weaknesses and failings, makes them more confident and capable.

Please join me at Simple Homeschool today. I am sharing all about how my sons’ strengths, have become my priority and focus in their therapies and learning.

I will see you there!



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